A Little About Me ;)
A Little About Me ;)
I'm single sometimes engaged but mostly single! lol!
Never had any kiddies, just kitties. Only 1 right now.
Love making graphics/pixels & things that sparkle ;)
Been using PSP designing websites graphics 8 years.
Managed egroups 2 years made sigtags for members.
That's how I learned PSP, and took HTML in school.
Started my pixel website in Sept 2008 & having fun.
Have a degree in business/finance & another in MIS
Own a few internet stores pays bills so I can pixel ;)
Favs: kitties, bunnies, dolls, mermaids, angels, faes
Colors: black, pink, purple and red
Personal: blonde hair, blue eyes, b-day: Sept 20th
Hobbies: beach, shopping, movies, music inspire me
Wish List: every membership that I don't have yet
Thanks for visiting my website - I hope you enjoy it ;)