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Valentine's Day Contest!
The First 5 To Tag Me
Wins This Sigtag
Come Join The Fun & Win Pixel Prizes
A Winner Will Be Picked Each Evening Feb 10th-15th

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(only enter once - includes all 6 days)

Congratulations To The Winners

Feb 10th Winner: Lysa's Pixel Palace - Prize: Floating Hearts Gift Wrap Set
Feb 11th Winner: Pammy-Pixels Plus - Prize: Chocolate Pink Gift Wrap Set
Feb 12th Winner: Sheila - Prize: Alica Rose Sigtag
Feb 13th Winner: KitKat - Prize: Ruby & Rose Sigtag
Feb 14th Winner: Diane - Tropical Breeze Pixels - Prize: $10 Gift Card
Feb 15th Winner: Grammy Laurie - Prize: Shamrock Gift Wrap/Tube Set - Any Color

Heart Beat Prize Winners
When You See This Heart Beat On My Main Page It Indicates A Hidden Prize
To Find The Prize - Seach My Website & Roll Over The Images
Then Follow The Instructions That Pop Up (It Usually Says To Email Or Tag Me)
For Example: Look At The Top Of This Page (roll over the heart image)
That's How The First 5 Winners (below) Received The Ruby Heart Sigtag
When The Prize Has Been Found, The Hearts Will Stop Beating (Until The Next Time)
So Check Back As Often As You Can & You Could Be The Next Winner ;)

February 12th - Congrats to: Jeannie, Xena, Lysa, Veronica & Deborah
All Have Won The Ruby Heart Sigtag (top of this page) For Finding It

February 13th - Congrats to Deborah! Prize: Gift Wrap Set (Any Color)

February 15th - Congrats to Veronica! Prize: $5 Gift Card