Trisha's Treasures - Designs By Trisha Rose @>-}---
Sage Ivy Olive Pine Forest Green Hunter Spearmint Evergreen Snowflakes Mint Teal
Sterling Platinum Silver Champagne Bright Gold Yellow Gold Copper Rose Gold Brass Bronze
Aquamarine Peridot Emerald Topaz Blueberry Royal Blue Sapphire Amethyst Ruby Garnet
Chocolate Cinnamon Mauve Plum Purple Grape Violet Orchid Hot Pink Cranberry Candy Apple Red
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Magic Foil Gift Wrap Is Available In Several Options:

1) Custom Wrap $3
For Ideas Please Visit: My Memberships
Good If You Only Have A Couple Gifts To Send
I Can Gift Wrap Tubes From My Memberships, My Own Tubes & Your Own Tubes
Please Note: I Cannot Gift Wrap Tubes Where I Don't Have A Membership
Email With Details Of What You Would Like Gift Wrapped
Or Click Here To Order

2) Pre-Made Gifts $3
Please Visit My Gift Shoppe
Good If You're Not Sure What Gift To Send & Rushed For Time
Click Here To Order

3) Gift Wrap Packs $5
You Can Buy The Gift Wrap/Tube Packs Offered Above
Good When You Have Several Gifts & Want To Wrap Them Yourself
Mix & Match To Create Beautiful Color Combinations!
Mouse-Over The Bows For Colors - Email If You Need Custom Color
Great For Sending Holiday Gifts To Your Friends & Members
The Magic Gift Wrap That Never Runs Out ;)
Just Click The Center Then Copy & Paste Whatever You Want To Wrap
See Demo1 & Demo2
PSP Format Over 70 Tube Layers Includes Bonus Gift With Each Color

*** Christmas Gift Special ***
Some Packs Have A Special Surprise Gift Hidden Inside!
Hint: Some Will Even Include Gift Certificate/Or Free Set ;)
Click Here To Order

4) Gift Wrap Club $5
Join The Gift Wrap Monthly Subscription
Get A Gift Wrap Pack In A Variety Of Colors/Designs
It's Like Getting A Little Surprise Gift Every Month
You Can Request Your Favorite Colors Or Be Surprised!
Each Month Will Have A Different Design (Holiday Theme)
(example: Dec-Christmas, Jan-Snowflakes, Feb- Hearts)
Click Here To Join The Gift Wrap Club

5) Pre-Shaded/Line Pack $20
You Can Buy The Grey-Scaled Pack & Tube License
Good If You Want To Color/Design & Sell Gift Wrap Tube Packs
And Offer Your Colored Tubes In Your Member Area
Click Here To Order

Please Read My Terms For All Options:
Option 1 & 2: Sigtag/Gifts
Please Follow My Sigtags Terms Personal Use/Cannot Be Sold
If You Buy A For Friend - They Must Also Follow My Sigtag Terms

Option 3 & 4: Tube Pack/Gifts
You Can Use These (Like Tubes) To Gift Wrap & Create Sigtags
And Open Your Own Gift Wrap Center To Offer Wrapped Gifts!
Please Read & Follow My Tube Terms Since These Are Tubes
(cannot be sold "as is" - only the sigtags/websets you make with them)
The Tube Packs Cannot Be Re-Colored/Altered In Any Way
Except You May Crop The Ribbons To Fit The Boxes
If You Want To Color/Design & Sell Your Own Tubes - Buy The Line Pack
To Offer In Your Member Area - Buy The Limited "As Is" License

Option 5: Gray-Scaled Base/Line Pack
After Coloring Them And Adding Your Own Designs
You May Sell The Tubes You Create From My Gray-Scale Lines
In Tube Packs & Your Membership Area (As Colored Tubes)
You May Not Offer The Bases/Gray-Scaled Lines "As Is"

Note: The Pre-Shaded Gray Scaled Lines Are Easy & Fun To Color!
Also Includes Lines Without Shading So You Can Shade Them
You Can Color/Decorate Them For Any Occasion
Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday, Etc.
So You Can Have Fun With These Gift Packs All Year Round ;)

A Link Back To My Website:
Is Required With All Options

I Know This Is A Lot Of Information To Read On One Page
So If You Have Questions, Please Email ;)